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School Readiness Program

Hawkesbury River Child Care values the need to prepare children for Kindergarten and help make the transition from child care to their first year at school as seamless as possible. Our brand new “River Kids School Readiness” has been developed by our trained and highly experienced staff.

The program is offered to pre-school aged children, and involves a range of activities which focus on getting your child ready for school.

The program teaches children basic academic skills such as letters and sounds of the alphabet, number recognition, counting and colours. We also focus on teaching children how to do simple tasks that are expected of them when they reach school, such as: being able to cut with scissors, recognise their written name, use glue sticks and put on their own shoes.

We also believe that less formal ways of teaching school readiness are just as important. These may include activities such as puzzles, group language/music sessions and board games.

We see school readiness as a joint effort between our centre and families and look forward to helping our child grow and start school with confidence.